Many people today wish to have an IMPACT.

To know that they

- Matter

- Make a Difference in the World

- Can be Proud of the Mark they leave behind

It is our Mission to help them do this


Homeschoolers, it can be a long journey when you walk it alone.

Go beyond “teaching” and journey with us to realize and develop your child’s genius.

A High School Class for those who would like to change the world.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
— George Bernard Shaw

“Using email to communicate is like painting a house with a hammer.”
— William Berger “The BergerMan”

Peace Activism - Make a difference in the world

Preventing Genocide and other Crimes Against Humanity

From Hate to Humanity - Lessons from Rwanda Webinar Series

Bringing Hope and Peace in the presence of Horror

Bad things have happened in the past. Genocide, mass murder and war fill our history books.

Afterwards, we often say "Never Again". But it happens again anyway. It is happening now. It will likely continue to happen in the future.

But we don't have to accept it as inevitable.

The people of Aegis Trust observed that there were three things missing in society before Genocide.

  1. Empathy - The ability to understand what others are feeling.

  2. Rational Thought - Thoughts based on logic, as opposed to impulse or emotion.

  3. Personal Responsibility - A sense of ownership or accountability for what is happening.

They have also demonstrated that these three elements can be consciously and deliberately reintroduced into a society effectively averting a crisis.

They frequently compare their activities with public health efforts to fight disease.

  • Stage 1 - Recognize Symptoms and Intervene

  • Stage 2 - Manage the Crisis Situation

  • Stage 3 - Address the Consequences and Prevent Recurrence

Aegis Trust is the MPAct ZOne's latest partner in the effort towards Making a Difference in the World.